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Country Chicken Co. is the first brand to exclusively sell high-quality organic Country Chicken. We're looking to provide folks with a healthier alternative to regular chicken & help them connect with their roots once again, by bringing the good ol' country chicken from the villages to the city. Our store at Pragathi Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad is NOW OPEN.

Country Chicken

Red Barn Illustration

Gross Weight: 1.5 - 1.9 KG

Kadaknath Country Chicken

Classic andhra country chickeny

Gross Weight: 1.3 - 1.7 KG


Cow and Chicken Illustration

Gross Weight: 1.5 - 1.9 KG


Vital Farms Baseball Cap Illustration

Gross Weight: 1.9 - 2.4 KG

Warrior Country Chicken

Cow and Chicken Illustration

Gross Weight: 1.5 - 1.9 KG

Mysore Queen Country Chicken

Providing You Premium Quality
Country Chicken

The exceptional quality of our Country Chickens starts with the love that we show them. We go all out when it comes to caring for our chickens because that makes them happier and healthier. And that, in turn, gives better chicken meat that you can feel good about having or serving your family. Unlike other chicken feeds that include animal by-products, our rich meal contains essential vitamins & vegetarian goodness like tomatoes, aloe vera, sunflower powder, and more, which gives way for an even richer quality of meat. We believe chickens should live out their lives how nature intended them to – free on lush farms, grazing on nature, and letting them take their time in doing what comes naturally to them. And that, in turn, gives the highest standard of country chicken meat. So tasty, nutritious, and filled with organic goodness that it'll make your loved ones feel whole inside and out.

Country Chicken Co| Raised By Nature.

Different types of chicken - Telangana, Andhra, Mysore Queen, Warrior, Kadaknath
Free range country chicken

With an average bunch of 200+ country chickens and an ample amount of farm time to roam free and munch on hydroponics, our chickens are anything but cooped up.

No force feeding

Just like we don’t force-feed our children, we don’t force-feed our chickens with any syringes since it might lead to physical asphyxiation.

Antibiotic and steroid-free organic chicken

We believe country chickens are healthiest and happiest when they’re allowed to live without being pumped full of antibiotics, hormones & steroids.

Full raw country chicken prepared for cooking

The Goodness of Nature On Your Plate

The chicken meat you bring to the table matters. Here's why. It brings your favorite meals to life, the ones you grew up loving, and feeds the muscles and minds of those you love the most. That's why the meat we give comes from happy, healthy country chickens who spend much time outside, antibiotic, hormone & steroid-free. When farmers use that on regular chickens, it changes their reproductive cycles and speeds up their growth. And that's the sole reason we believe that all chickens are healthiest and happiest when they're allowed to live in nature without being pumped full of chemicals—it helps them produce premium organic meat and eggs that you can savor with love.

Black country chicken
Know your country chicken


Our organic brown eggs come from happy and healthy Country Chickens who are taken care of with utmost love. So when you crack open these rich beauties, you're not only getting beneficial nutrients but the exquisite flavor you haven't had before from regular eggs. Since all our Country Chickens are cage-free and happy, they lay eggs filled with natural goodness. And so, they are meant to enhance every dish of yours with freshness, creaminess, and remarkable flavor. So once you start including them in your everyday recipes, there's no going back!

Country eggs in a carton
Farmers feeding chicken


Our small family farms have about 15000 farmers who do what they're best at and love. They're not only committed to bringing good, high-quality country chicken meat to your plate but stay dedicated to doing it the right way. To us, it's a family affair that insists on giving out premium quality meat that not only takes good care of our families but of yours and the planet too. Our sustainable farming methods go beyond organic, giving us a ground for reinventing the farming process for the future and the generations to come.

Indian & mughlai chicken dish with rice, bread, dal, and other food items

Here's where soulful cooking meets the natural goodness of our Country Chickens

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